IMPORTANT: Wear Your Race Bib Properly

Bib on ChestBecause we are using a new timing technology this year, it is very important that you wear your bib properly. You will not have to worry about a separate timing chip that you need to attach to your ankle or shoe; instead, the timing chip is integrated as part of your bib number.

Because of this, your bib must be worn on your chest.

If you do not wear the bib on your chest, then the chip may not be read properly. Do not, for example, wear the bib on your legs, back, or folded up in a pocket.

Also, be sure that you put the bib on something you will continue wearing on your chest; if you plan to take off a jacket and tie it around your waist then you must attach the bib to your shirt below the jacket.

Please reference this sheet for more details: ProperBibPlacement.pdf

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