2015 Waiting List

Didn’t get into the 2015 Mid-Winter Classic?

We are going to allow limited bib transfers this year. The schedule is as follows:

  • Friday, January 2nd -> Thursday, January 8th: Registered runners who can not run may email [email protected] from the address they signed up with (or from another address if they include their confirmation number) to relinquish their bib to another runner. If you are giving up your bib, then you may optionally designate another runner to receive your bib (please give us their name and email address). Otherwise, your bib will be available for general registration later. Please note: if you give up your bib, you will not be allowed to run in the race.
  • Monday, January 5th -> Thursday, January 8th: Starting on Sunday or Monday (once we have tested the signup process) runners receiving a transferred bib will individually receive instructions for registering for the race. Registering using another person’s bib will cost $5, and you will have until general registration to sign up or you may lose your spot.
    Update: Transfer emails have been sent out for any requests received by 9pm on Monday night. If you haven’t received your instructions and you expected to, please check with whoever transferred their bib to you to make sure that they contacted us per the instructions above.
  • Friday, January 9th: General registration will re-open if there are any available bibs remaining. These will be normally priced bibs and first-come first-serve. Once these bibs are gone (or 4pm, whichever comes first), registration will close and we will finalize our bib numbers in the database and order our bibs to be printed. There will be no more transfers or registrations allowed at this point.
  • Sunday, February 1st: Race day! There will be no day-of-race registration.

As a convenience, we have created a thread on our facebook page where you can post a request for a bib or offer your bib to others. We will not be monitoring this thread for transfer requests; the person relinquishing their bib will still need to follow the directions above to email Blaine in order for a transfer to take place. We are also not responsible for any trades outside of honoring transfer requests and making the transfer available per the instructions above. To post your request or your available bib, you can visit the thread here:

If you would like to receive specific notifications for any updates to our transfer process, or reminders for when general registration is available, you can signup for the waiting list here:

Please Note: This list will only be used for notifications about bib transfers or additional registrations that come available.

You are welcome to signup more than one email address to the waiting list, but it will not improve your chances of getting into the race. It will just mean that your receive multiple copies of the same email notifications. We are not using the waiting list as a queue to get into the race.

If you are on the waiting list and would like to be removed, we will include an unsubscribe link in each email. You can also email Blaine and he’ll remove you by hand…and he apologizes for messing up the unsubscribe link in the most recent email.

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